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Stories of life and love makes humans get emotional. But what is emotion?
Emotion is best describe as an expression of feelings, behaviors and changes in the body state. It is a feeling that is private and subjective. There are too many kinds of emotions like anger, hurt, happy, lonely, sad, joy, fear, surprise and anticipation and many more. These are emotions.
We are getting emotional everyday of our lives. But we have some personalities as human, that, when we are get to emotional in a certain things we get to think if it is right to show this emotion. Right?
One best example of hiding an emotion is when you are heart-broken; you hurt someone close to your heart and any kind of hurting situations. We are used to hide it and let it be kept as a secret thinking that this should not be vocalized so that nobody else could ever know about what you felt. Hiding your emotions sometimes pushes you to hate more that person and worst is you will be ill.
To avoid these things happen there is one best way for a person to show their emotions. This way is what we called us EXPRESSION.
What is expression?
Expression is an ac t of expressing of your emotion. It is where you could do any form of actions in such a way that you could express a certain feelings.
So it is much better for us to be able to express our feelings. Whatever kind of feelings it is, do not hesitate to vocalized or show it. There are many forms of expressing your feelings. One of these is through WRITING. Through writing you can express everything that you want to speak out. Whether it’s hatred, anger, happiness, pain and joy. The important is the expression of such feeling.
Thanks to the innovation of Internet Access. In which, expression could be done in a lot of ways. In this website, everyone are very much welcome to feel free to express you expression, life story, love story and any other form of experiences in life.  Send your stories, experiences in life through this email address: Your stories and expression will be published in this site.


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