BeLaTeD HaPpY 16 MoNtHSaRy

19 Nov

Happy 16th monthsary daddy! I just couldn’t imagine that we came this far. I know that there are still trials and circumstances that we will be facing in our relationship. But I know and I believe that we can faced it bravely and strongly for God is the center of our relationship.
I thank you daddy for all the love, patient, understanding, care, thoughtfulness, kind and for the respect. You are such a great man who I never thought the first time I met you. You gave up so many things for our relationship to grow in a mature level.
I know how much you love me dad. You have proven it so much and no words can explain how much I really do appreciate it all. You always give time for this relationship and you always stand as the real and strong man.
All I want to say dad is that I am so thankful and grateful to God for He gave you in my life.. I am so happy and forever be happy because I have you. You are the greatest thing that ever happen in my life. You were my strength when I was weak and you are everything to me.
I am always praying to God that this will be the last relationship that I am going to have in my life. I am happy, satisfy, contented and blessed having you in my life. May our relationship remain stronger and stronger as time goes by. Love you so so so much…


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