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Women by nature love to wear dresses such as cocktails and long-gowns dresses. They dream that someday they could able to wear those dresses attractively and with confidence. In reality, in 100% of women existing in this world, 60% don’t have enough courage and confidence in wearing dresses and 40% of these women have great confidence in wearing dresses. In conclusion, women with low confidence in wearing dresses are greater (>) than those women who are confident enough in wearing dresses.  This is because there are lots of doubts, questions and hesitations to their selves.

Some of them have low self-esteem thinking that they are not fitted to wear dresses, discriminating their skin-complexion and height. This is the result of comparing yourself to others. Comparing yourself to others will not give you encouragement but discouragement. Don’t see all things negatively instead see it positively. Try to explore and know yourself well before jumping to a negative conclusion. FYI, there are easy ways and tips on how to wear your long-gown dress confidently and attractively without trying too hard to look elegantly.

Tips in wearing long- gown dress attractively.

  • Know your body figure – It is very important that you know your vital statistics because this is your reference in finding the right gown that will fit in your body.
  • Skin Complexion – After knowing your vital stats, you should identify your skin complexion. Knowing your skin complexion will give you an idea on what color of a long-gown dress will complement in your skin.
  • Choosing Colors – Now that you already know your skin-complexion, next step is to choose the perfect color that will complement with your skin. For a fair complexion, any colors will do and for the black beauty avoid choosing dark and super light colors.
  • Proper design – It is necessary to choose proper designs of the gowns that you will wear. Also, see to it that the design of the gown you will be wearing will fit to the type of occasion. This is to avoid inappropriateness.
  • Hair Style and Make-up – These two tips are helpful in enhancing your beauty. To know the right hair style you should know the shape of your face. In putting make-up you must consider what time is the celebration. For daytime light make up is best and in night-time dark make-up will do.
  • Walk properly – One way for you to look great in your long-gown dress is to have a proper walk. If you walk with confidence, then surely you will look great.
  • Smile – is one of the women’s best assets. So make it sure that you smile.
  • Stand up straight – This is the proper gesture to have in wearing long-gowns. The reason for this is that it will help your height be recognized. If you are tall then definitely many will see and find you more attractive. For short women, don’t be discouraged. Stand up straight because this will helps in enhancing your height.
  • Confidence – The most important attitude that you should always remember. If you will build confidence there’s no reason for you to be ashamed in wearing those lovely long-gowns.

Here are some images of the Hollywood actresses who wear their long-gown attractively and with confidence.


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Fashion is one of women’s pleasures in life. Through fashion, person can express his/her personalities. It is also one way of coping up stress at work. Every year there are new fashions statements coming and teenagers will love to follow it. Even some of the old folks still love to dress up in fashion.

As 2000 comes, there are a lot of new fashion statements innovation occurred. It can be a fashion style of dresses, accessories, hair styles, make-ups and a lot more. People will find ways to buy these things for they want to be in fashion no matter how expensive those things. Right?  There are still people who are keen in looking for an affordable fashion styles. They are what so-called “PRATICAL PEOPLE”.

2010 comes and still new fashion style comes. Through observation and shared ideas of my Auntie’s, Grandmothers and other people who were teenage in the year 0f 1980’s, I have come to know and learned that most of the fashion styles in for the year of 2000 up to present are also the fashion in styles in 1970’s – 1980’s. It comes to show that they are right.

To prove that they are right, here are some categories of fashion styles images in 1980’s fashion era.  Just scroll down to see the images.

In my own opinion, 1980’s was the best fashions styles I loved the most.

1980’s DRESSES








1980’s MAKE-UP



What can you say about the 1980’s fashion statements? Please give some comments to answer this question. I will surely read your comments. Thanks in advance!


Hollywood Stars in their Cocktail Attire..

Have you ever wish in your life to wear all of those beautiful dresses? Looking gorgeous, pretty and smart ? I myself, wished to wear of this things. Someday I could be able to wear all those simple and elegant yet a pretty clothes and confident enough to wear it…

Below are the cocktail dresses that I wished to wear someday:

Hope you find it interesting and cute.

Presenting Style No. 1

Style No.2

How do you find the black cocktail dresses? Isn’t it amazing and elegant? Wearing these cocktail dresses are the Hollywood starts. Perfect! They wear it confidently with the perfect combination of the accessories and shoes/sandals. Bravo Amigos! Fashionistas Fever……

Next in line are the white cocktail dresses. Starting with Emma Watson:

Last category is the mixed in colored type of cocktail dresses. Wore by the famous and pretty stars in Hollywood. Here try to take a look with how they handle and bring the dress and what are the appropriate accessories to wear in that type of dress. Observe and you will learn to be a simple yet fabulous fashionstas!

Cute isn’t it? Mixed of a dirty-white and orange color of dress with a ribbons on the left side. With a curly type of hair and complementing a silver sexy sandal. Makes it perfect!

O! Hottie Jennifer Lopez known as JLo… Too Hot Too Handle, ryt? Wearing a silk brown cocktail and a black shoes. Glowing also is Jlo’s semi-curly hairdo makes her look so beautiful and hot.

Foreign beauty is really appealing and attractive. Nice style of a cocktail dress with a very sexy black sandal.

Another too hot to handle Hollywood star  wearing a silk type of cocktail dress with straps on it makes it look perfect.

Pretty woman! I like this cocktail it look so kikay and sexy.

Hot Mama! A tube dark-blue cocktail  dress complements her flawless skin and a very social type of sandal. It just simply and elegant to see.

Amazing style! I like it so much. Hope I can wear this type of dress someday in once of my entire life.. hehehe

Gorgeous, pretty lady. Looking so appealing with this dress and it’s hairdo. I must try this one in one of the coming special events in my life. Bwahah.. So designer? Ready your designs and give it to me.. heheh

JLo again on the pix… Always looking awesome and pretty especially in this dress. Love to have this dress one of this day. How about you?

Very nice dress.. Simple yet awesome to look at. Wear it with confidence and you will be attractive to the eyes of the people. 🙂

Good is so good. He created people with enormous and unique beauty.. Very simple dress yet it’s nice to look at esp if you bring it with confidence. Everything will look perfect and great!

Now, you have seen lot of cocktail dresses. So do you have choice on what type or style of dress you want to wear on every special occasions in your life?

I bet you have it. Same here.. heheh but no money to buy for that beautiful dresses so I decided to go to the ukay-ukay..hehehe =))


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