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Are you lonely because your all alone? Do you missed Jesus in your life? You want someone who can accompany you? Understand? Make you feel valuable? Or you’re looking for a community?

If one of these questions answers you a big “YES”, then you are absolutely landed on the right page. Why? It’s because Singles For Christ – Cathedral Chapter, Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines will once again inviting all single men and women 18- 30 of age and above who wants to experience Christ in their life to our Christian Life Program this coming August 07, 2011. The area of the program will be @ Sacred Heart Chapel, Macahambus Burgos, CDOC.

Maybe you will asked:

1. Hey Sheila, what’s that CLP means?

That’s a good question my brother/sister in Christ. CLP or Christian Life Program is a program intended or established for all single men and women all over the world who wants to experienced God in their life and to get more closer to Him. It is also an entry gate to become a member of SFC community. In this program, we are sure that you will be more get closer to the Holy Spirit. This program will be an instrument of your life’s emptiness.

2. What are the things will do in this August 07, 2011?

Actually, CLP has 12 talks including. Basically, we have 13 Sundays to finished the whole program. Every Sunday has different topics except for the first Sunday this Aug. 07, 2011 since this is an orientation of the program.

3. What are the things that we should bring?

It’s your presence. This is the most important thing that you can bring. The heart with great and strong desire and willingness to join and let God be in your life.

This program will surely make your life change. It’s proven formula as yours truly was once touched by the Holy Spirit in continuing to serve God and make Him as top of the most important persons in my life. This is the reason why until now I am still kicking and living in this world despite of all the tremendous obstacles I am facing in life because God’s miracles clearly felt and experienced by yours truly until now.

I have here some short testimonies of my Sister’s in Christ when they were joining CLP for the whole 13 Sundays and became one of the members in SFC-CATHEDRAL CHAPTER:

EVALYN FABI: “Through CLP and SFC, I learned to be grateful to all the graces and blessings given to me. It increased my praying time and it changed my belief about Gifts of Holy Spirit…as our Helpers..and they truly exist. I learned to be conscious to my sins and mistakes and I’ve appreciated His righteousness and His Love to us”

SHEENA MARIE SEñARA: “Basically for me, is that now am more aware that I am tempted. I can truly determine that this is a work of Satan and with that, I can now choose whether to follow it or not. Because before, I can’t seem to realized that I am already tempted in a certain situation. I was like do everything without even thinking and realizing that it’s not the work of God instead it’s Evil works.”

Brother’s and Sister’s in Christ, If you want to make your life better and peaceful then SFC Cathedral Chapter are here with you anytime, anywhere, accepting you to be part of our family and let us witness God’s greatness and goodness in our life. Do not wait to be with God when your old instead as young as you are right now let God enter and let Him live in your life and everything will become organized and complete. Completeness that you feel satisfied of your life because you know that God is with you and He will be there for you every hour and day of your life.

If interested, please email me @ or Praise and worshiped God with all your hearT, mind and soul! Live your life with God and everything will turn into light. Amen!