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These are my personal expression/ insights in my life.


Nothing in life
Holds more power than your smile

–          Nothing can compare with your innocent and charming smile that makes me weak and fuzzy every time I looked at you.

I can’t describe it,
Even harder to define

–         It’s seems that I am addicted because every time I sleep it is your smile I lastly remembered.

Your breath, it soothes me
Your smile, it moves me

–         Your breath makes me shiver and the reason I want to live in this crazy world. Oh, your smile again can ease the pain I have in life.

Gotta move in, closer to you now.

–         Let’s keep moving and be more in love. The longer we are together the more I want to get closer to you like a mighty bond once pasted it will stick for a lifetime. Oh Love!

Nothing can come between us
Nothing can separate us
Nothing can ever break us apart

–        In our relationship nobody can make us separate because God is the center of our relationship. It is our faith, trust, loyalty and pure and true love that will keep us forever.

Well, it only shows
That nothing can keep us from getting close.

–       With all of those promises we have and kept makes us grow and help us in striving hard for a better future for both of us. It motivates us to believe that we can make our destiny if we will hold on in this relationship no matter what.  

In a crowded room
Feels like being miles apart

–         Whenever we were in a crowded place with our friends just being meters away it is like miles apart from you. Sounds OA but that’s what I feel coz I’m addicted with this relationship. Thank you Lord!

My eyes on you
Reflects what’s deep inside my heart

–         With our eyes we can communicate already. You can easily pick up the message I want to say just by looking with each other’s eyes. This is maybe the power of love.

Your breath, it soothes me
Your smile, it moves me

–         As time goes by nothing has changed. Your breath makes my heart beats faster that I almost want to stay with you 24/7 in a day and for me you are the embodiment of smile.

Gotta move in, closer to you now.

–        Let’s keep moving and be more in love. The longer we are together the more I want to get closer to you like a mighty bond once pasted it will stick for a lifetime. Oh Love love love!

Nothing can come between us
Nothing can separate us
Nothing can ever break us apart

–         In our relationship nobody can make us separate because God is the center of our relationship. It is our faith, trust, loyalty and pure and true love that will keep us forever.

Well, it only shows
That nothing can keep us from getting close.

–         I won’t ever leave you apart. Please don’t ever leave me. Let’s just be positive for this relationship and lifting everything to God makes me feel easy and assured that nothing can break nor separate us from getting close for a lifetime. J



Monthsaries and anniversaries are important for the lovers out there. Ayt? Because for me and for my partner (GG) those special celebrations mentioned above are very important to the both of us. We always spare time for these special days for us to have quality time together. Enjoying with each others laughter’s, sensible and non-sensible stories, a little agreement, caressing and most of all a time to thank God for the blessings we have received in our relationship.

Most women who’d love to received something that can be treasured and sentimental while most of the guys would prefer to give their time and not more on the material things because they believe that love in action is more valuable than those of the material things. They have in their state of mind that materials can be bought by money and eventually will lost compared to the love shown in action it cannot be erased nor ruined instead it will help a relationship withstand and gives big impact for women in terms of assurance.

Some partners prefer to celebrate their special days in a luxurious ways such as dating in a very descent and romantic place with lighted candles on the table, music played and a wine to drink and a mouth watering foods, while other lovers, would love to celebrate it in a simple manner like going to church, light some candle for thanksgiving for the special day, unwind their selves in a mall or watching cinemas, going to a place where it cannot cost too much. There are also lovers who are not particular in celebrating their special days of being together. Agree? Quiet confusing but this is happening. Well, whatever ways lovers celebrate their special day luxurious or a simple way the important thing is that they both enjoyed with each other arms and make some good memories to be treasured for a lifetime.

Things that lovers should bare in their minds while they are celebrating their special days are:

  • They should be aware not to open an issue that would create barriers in enjoying the day and will end up in quarreling. Be aware of this!
  • Be insensitive with your partner’s emotions.
  • Focus your mind to the both of you and let yourselves go with the flow without any reasons to feel uneasy or uncomfortable.
  • Set plans or places where to go to celebrate special day for the both of you. This is to lessen the consumption of time.
  • Avoid disagreement because of your dislikes.
  • Always be patient in whatever circumstances you will face on that day.
  • Lastly, just let the love blown with true emotions in such a way that your partner will feel the intensity of your love for him/her.

I am not 100% sure that these things will work for a success monthsary and anniversary celebration. I just base it in my own experience with my GG (God’s Gift) but of course there’s nothing wrong to try something new for as long as its motives are for good purposes. One thing is for sure that memories are for a lifetime so make memories while you are young and in love. It is not wrong to show off your love to your partner but make it sure that everything must have limitations. Be in love and make your relationship be FRUITFUL AND MERRY to last for a lifetime!





Japan is known as one of the richest country in the world in terms of technology, business and infrastructures. They all have it and their economy is really growing every year. Here in the Philippines, several of Chinese, Korean and Japanese established their business . In vice verse, there are also several Filipinos living and working in these countries.

Despite of how rich is the country Japan people who are living there still bombarded by an earthquake with intensity that range to 8.9 last 14:46:23, 11 March 2011 which eventually resulted to a big “tsunami” wherein many people was found dead and many are still in missing status. A lot of infrastructures were totally ruined and even grocery stores were also flash out by the great impact of tsunami and gone. With these, many Japanese people was suffering of famine. They have limited foods to buy, no water and electricity it was totally blocked out. They are really in great trials. Worst of all thousands of people died and many are still missing.

In my personal view, I never really imagined that this big disaster will happen to Japan. But as we all know calamities will happen anytime, anywhere because it is by nature, uncontrollable and unexpected situation. Many Filipinos and other nationalities were all shocked and hurt of the news. It was one of the worst disaster I have ever witness in my 22 years of existence in this world. How hurtful and painful it was but we have to be positive and optimistic.

Now, Japan is still in grieving. Another problem has come out when the nuclear power plant was totally damage and cause to spread the radiation not only to Japan but other countries was found out positive of the radiation. I can’t imagine the people living their Japanese, Filipinos and other nationalities present in that country where after of the big disaster brings by the earthquake and tsunami now they are facing the radiation spreading in their respective areas.

For those blessed people by our Almighty God by the wealth they have, it is your time to share some of your wealth to those people who were victims of this big tragedy. For us who were just a commoners and living a simple life, what we can give to those people out there are our prayers which I believe is the best support that we can give to them. Let us be hopefully that there will be sunrise after the darkness for there is God who is always with us our creator, redeemer, salvation, healer and provider.

At the end, everything happens for a reason. In God there is always HOPE after DESPAIR. There is message that God wants us to know and realize why he let it happens. Yet, it is not too late for we know that God is the god of forgiveness and mercy. Pray, have faith and let us be strong to face and accept the realities happening in our world now. To God be the Glory! Amen.


A simple thank you to my readers!

Hi to all the readers in my blog and even who just visited my blog! Let me grab this big opportunity to thank you all guys for coming and exploring my blogs. Some maybe get interested and some maybe not but I will still thanking you all for allowing and accepting my topics I wrote and posted in this blog of mine. It gives me the chance to express my feelings and experiences in my life. In this blog, I am who I am. I can pour out all my heartaches, happiness and all the feelings I have. I can create things that are too impossible for me to do.

I am not that really a good writer. I just love to write but not in a professional way. hehe I am thankful for the existence of Internet and SEO because I believe that many people who would love to express their selves freely, they can express it here undoubtedly.

Again, thank you all guys! As I daily updated my blog for new comments, I always get excited to read and approve it. It makes me more determine to keep up this blog and my other blog.

I hope you will continue to visit my blog and I hope you have learned something new in my topics. I would also love to read, see and approve your comments even if it is positive or a negative one as long as it comes from your heart.





I would like to thank you for all the unconditional love, forgiveness, acceptance, care and patience that you always showed to me. Every day I feel so special with you. You’re caress makes me feel secure and your love makes me feel complete. Most importantly is your presence that makes this relationship more strong and hopeful.

I am so sorry for all the hurtful words I have spoken to you. I never mean it. I just want to help you become more mature in your life it is because you’re the guy that I asked to God. The perfect and the best one!

I always dream of our future and eventually those dreams will become true. Now, it’s been 20th months of being together and for all the trials that we overcome, I salute you for all your efforts just to hold on to this relationship. I know that you have loved me more than yourself and I thank you for that. Your true love means so much to me.

I hope you will still love me for who I am and I will also do the same way for you. I always thank God for these blessings he gave unto me. With you my Daddy, I feel complete and I keep on pursuing my dreams together with you. I love you so much and I will endlessly hold on to this relationship till my last breath.







Fashion is one of women’s pleasures in life. Through fashion, person can express his/her personalities. It is also one way of coping up stress at work. Every year there are new fashions statements coming and teenagers will love to follow it. Even some of the old folks still love to dress up in fashion.

As 2000 comes, there are a lot of new fashion statements innovation occurred. It can be a fashion style of dresses, accessories, hair styles, make-ups and a lot more. People will find ways to buy these things for they want to be in fashion no matter how expensive those things. Right?  There are still people who are keen in looking for an affordable fashion styles. They are what so-called “PRATICAL PEOPLE”.

2010 comes and still new fashion style comes. Through observation and shared ideas of my Auntie’s, Grandmothers and other people who were teenage in the year 0f 1980’s, I have come to know and learned that most of the fashion styles in for the year of 2000 up to present are also the fashion in styles in 1970’s – 1980’s. It comes to show that they are right.

To prove that they are right, here are some categories of fashion styles images in 1980’s fashion era.  Just scroll down to see the images.

In my own opinion, 1980’s was the best fashions styles I loved the most.

1980’s DRESSES








1980’s MAKE-UP



What can you say about the 1980’s fashion statements? Please give some comments to answer this question. I will surely read your comments. Thanks in advance!