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Taylor Swift Face


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Taylor Swift Photos From Childhood to Adulthood and Fame

Childhood to Adulthood Pictures of Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift at the age of 5.

Photo of Taylor at the age of 10. Look innocent and pretty.

At the age of 12. See the changes?

Started to bloom at the age of 13 .

Perfect face!.. She has everything the beauty, talent and fame.


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I really adore Jason Upton’s songs. It is all about a Christian Songs. Love to hear  and sing his composition of songs.

Below are here composed songs:



It Ain’t Easy
I am learning to be a father but I really don’t know how
To be willing to care for others more than I love myself

It ain’t easy learning to love like you

I am learning to love my neighbor and to live by the golden rule
But it’s so hard when I’ve been lied to
I feel like a fool forgiving a fool

It ain’t easy learning to love like you

I am learning to be faithful with the little that I have
To do like Jesus and turn the tables
To give it all to get nothing back

It ain’t easy leaning to love like you

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Jason Upton Lyrics

Jason Upton Yes Yes Yes Yes lyrics

Kids they say the darnedest things They can make you laugh
They can make you scream They make me want to be a better man.

Johnny, he done lost his toy He gave it to another boy
And I asked him, “Johnny why did you do that?”

He said, “That kid he asked me if he could use it?” I said, “Yeah, you can. If you don’t lose it!”
So, he took my toy and I never saw it again.

Well I hope that you have lots of luck ‘Cause that was my favorite toy That was my toy truck
I should have told you “no”, but I told you “yes”.

Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes

Well I’ve never been the givin’ kind But the more I watch this child of mine
The more that I begin to understand. That it’s easier to just say “no”
But it ain’t no fun to play alone And the more I say “I can’t”, the less I can.

Johnny he turned seventeen And he found the truck of every young man’s dream
I should have told him “no” but I told him “yes”.

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