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Did you plan to have a vacation? Well, if yes I guess you’re one of the lucky people to read this article of mine. I know several of beautiful tourist spots existing in Philippines particularly in my homeland Cagayan de Oro City.  Let me be your tourist guide this time and I will tour you around the places of Cagayan de Oro’s best of the best tourist spots. Get some look scroll down your mouse!

Fist stop, we are going to Cagayan de Oro’s white water rafting. If you are an adventurous type of a person, well, I am pretty sure that you’re going to like this place.  Here are some of the images:

How do you find the place after looking at the pictures? Definitely you feel amazed and maybe at this time you are now planning to travel in Cagayan de Oro with your friends to try this very adventurous and challenging white water rafting. Get ready yourself for the most extraordinary travel memoirs. Book now! For more information visit

Next on the line is the Eco Village of Cagayan de Oro City. It is place wherein you can relax and enjoy the beautiful scenic with the natives equipments present there. It also has Native restaurant wherein you can have your lunch or dinner together with your family and friends. Maya Cottages are also present in the vicinity, museums, swimming pools and a lot more. Just take a look at these images:

Visit for more info.

Now, we are heading to our third trip @ Muse de Oro located beside Cathedral Church. Oh, the antique materials were all well-preserved. Even I get amazed the moment I get there. Please see the images:


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