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Japan is known as one of the richest country in the world in terms of technology, business and infrastructures. They all have it and their economy is really growing every year. Here in the Philippines, several of Chinese, Korean and Japanese established their business . In vice verse, there are also several Filipinos living and working in these countries.

Despite of how rich is the country Japan people who are living there still bombarded by an earthquake with intensity that range to 8.9 last 14:46:23, 11 March 2011 which eventually resulted to a big “tsunami” wherein many people was found dead and many are still in missing status. A lot of infrastructures were totally ruined and even grocery stores were also flash out by the great impact of tsunami and gone. With these, many Japanese people was suffering of famine. They have limited foods to buy, no water and electricity it was totally blocked out. They are really in great trials. Worst of all thousands of people died and many are still missing.

In my personal view, I never really imagined that this big disaster will happen to Japan. But as we all know calamities will happen anytime, anywhere because it is by nature, uncontrollable and unexpected situation. Many Filipinos and other nationalities were all shocked and hurt of the news. It was one of the worst disaster I have ever witness in my 22 years of existence in this world. How hurtful and painful it was but we have to be positive and optimistic.

Now, Japan is still in grieving. Another problem has come out when the nuclear power plant was totally damage and cause to spread the radiation not only to Japan but other countries was found out positive of the radiation. I can’t imagine the people living their Japanese, Filipinos and other nationalities present in that country where after of the big disaster brings by the earthquake and tsunami now they are facing the radiation spreading in their respective areas.

For those blessed people by our Almighty God by the wealth they have, it is your time to share some of your wealth to those people who were victims of this big tragedy. For us who were just a commoners and living a simple life, what we can give to those people out there are our prayers which I believe is the best support that we can give to them. Let us be hopefully that there will be sunrise after the darkness for there is God who is always with us our creator, redeemer, salvation, healer and provider.

At the end, everything happens for a reason. In God there is always HOPE after DESPAIR. There is message that God wants us to know and realize why he let it happens. Yet, it is not too late for we know that God is the god of forgiveness and mercy. Pray, have faith and let us be strong to face and accept the realities happening in our world now. To God be the Glory! Amen.