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A Thousand Apologies

A thousand Apologies

Sorry that

sorry that

Sorry that I’ve  the love that we share

Sorry for the 

sorry for the 

Sorry for what you and I didn’t give back the same

Sorry for the  

sorry for the  

Sorry if I’m not , you don’t have to be mine

Sorry for mistaking something that I thought was

Sorry if you don’t why I do what I do

Sorry for my  if they’re not enough

Sorry if we can’t  through all this stuff

Sorry if you can’t fit me into your

Sorry if all I do caused us to 

Sorry if I’m cramping your or getting in your way

Sorry if I don’t  the things you want me to say

Sorry if I don’t  up to what you want me to be

Sorry if I can’t be  to make you just want me

Sorry for  but I don’t know what to do

Sorry if my only  consist of me and you.

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Hard To Let You Go


I always think the way it was before

I always looked back to the memories

I left behind

How I wish you didn’t come

It was so difficult for me to give you up

I’ve tried a lot of things just to win you back

But it seems that it’s worthless to fight back

For my defense is not enough

It’s hard for me to let you go

It’s because I don’t want to

I may suffer the pain at first

But what’s the consequence I just know

I live my thoughts to you

But you wouldn’t dare to keep it through

You move on, on your own way

But just left me all alone

I started to ask why,

Your silence is what I’ve got

It’s useless in my part

That’s not the answer I want

There’s nor reason for me to feel this way

But I think there’s a lot of reason to be

Each one speaks my heart

That tells me deeply you’re in to me

I’ve never been into this before

In a way I can never forget

How you say those words to me

That touches my life so evidently

I know that I’m not that perfect nor to

Good for you

But the only thing I’m  asking is the same you

The words that you’ve given to me

In a sudden, is vanished instantly

Now I’m trying to bring it back

Those sweet talks we’ve shared

The laughter, I’ve never forget

The feelings, ill  never regret

Time will tell if we could be together

But as I move on, you’re always being with me

No matter what it takes

You’re always being a part of me and truly

In my heart!

By: Ryan Paul Balmora


In The Land of Heartaches

In The Land of Heartaches

In the land of heartaches comes sadness and pains

shattered souls with nothing to gain

haunted dreams float on the wind

broken hearts with no chance to mend.

A season has come and a season has gone

another year of life that I will spend alone.

drifting alone paths of past memories

never ending sorrow is what will last.

By: Unknown


Supreme Love


As I quest through life’s ventures

Constant misery I have felt.

My desire for a better living,

In my mind hath a reverie.

I toiled to thee; dear fortune be perceived.

With hands that doeth, heart that prays

And God above, who listens,

My sucess became real

But my life became sinful.

The triumph ascended into vices,

My greed abused thy blessings.

I had glorified not his name but thy pleasure

And so God’s malevolence He razed upon thee.

The reparation that I suffered

Was to be exiled from the Blessed Fold.

In the lust of prosperity, wealth smothered my faith.

In the light of God’s word, His love caressed thee.

So to his will I abides, His words had been my torch.

The salvation I awaited forth;

The wisdom I now endowed

That in our hearts must lay no greater love

Than the love of God above all.

Above this world which is evanescent,

Above the parental love which can be mortal,

Above thy life itself which He owns.

By: Raffy Montehermoso




You came in
Without knocking
I peek out to see
The presence of somebody still
Yet follow flashed clearly

Or is it you?
Who really is not sure
Your heart isn’t ready for this
Filled and not empty as mine
I’m hurting
The least I could
Why can you not be?
Mine in the essence of this
Feeling that surely accompanies pain…. Love!
I love you.

From: Rosherlyn T. Villar

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