God Uses My Weaknesses

16 Feb

God’s love for His people is endless and eternal. Unconditional love is what God give to His children despite of being sinful. Human is naturally born to have weaknesses. Right? You cannot immediately discover your weaknesses until you are in maturity. Your parents are the ones who first know you’re weaknesses but not 100%.

In dictionary, weaknesses defines us the property of lacking physical or mental strength; liability to failure under pressure or stress or strain. When we asked about our teacher “What are your weaknesses?” you will probably have this hesitation to say it because you are afraid to be under-estimate by others or judge by others. Am I right? I have experienced this feeling already. I guess human as we are we normally feel the same feelings.

Weaknesses are a God’s gifts to us. Yes, it is! God never give something on His child without reason and purpose on it. Instead, God plans all the things that you have; you will have in the future for a great purpose and mission. Purpose to get to know and closer to him. Mission of spreading the Good News.

Weeks ago I just learned how God uses our weaknesses and why He let these weaknesses be part in our lives. Imagine yourself if you don’t have these weaknesses, will you still have the courage to know God? Do you still want to deepen your faith knowing that you can do everything? You might forget God for everything that you have is the strengths. Everything will go easy. As a result, people will forever forget God especially in good times. In reality, we tend to go back to God in times of problems and trials in life. This is not a good attitude. We have to bear in our minds that whatever happens we will always remember God whether in times of ups and downs.

In my own experienced, God really uses my weaknesses to get closer to Him and to have an intimate relationship with Him. Way back when I was a child, I always have this hesitation to tell to my friends about my weaknesses because they always see me as a strong individual. Yet, I am not. But this time, I am not afraid nor hesitate to reveal my weaknesses to other people might be my friends, office mates, sisters and brothers in Christ or to my family and my special someone or the reader’s of my blog because I believed that these weaknesses helps me to have great fear to God and to surrender my life to Him by giving service to other people.

Listed below are my weaknesses in life as a Christian:


  • I am lazy – Yes, I am lazy. After I got home after work, I just sleep and wake up to eat and sleep again for tomorrow. This happens whenever we don’t have any meetings in our church organization.
  • Irritable – I am an irritable person. I get easily irritated if I don’t like that certain person or thing or situation.
  • Fearful – My boyfriend said to me “You are a very strong individual”. The truth is I am weak, I am fearful. I am afraid to what will be my future. How long will I live in this world? Will I get to heaven when I die? Did I do my mission and purpose in this world? These are some of the questions that I am more afraid because I don’t know the answers.
  • Pride – I have this pride. Sometimes, I don’t want to be corrected.
  • Self-centered – I usually want to be appreciated with others especially to persons who are very close in my heart.

These are some weaknesses that I have in life. I am proud to say it, for without these weaknesses I will never become faithful and fearful to God. My laziness uses God because every time I joined seminars and talks in our organization, this weakness is always an example of sin. As a result, I always prayed and talk to God asking for forgiveness. Whenever weaknesses arise in a situation God always there sending an instrument for me to know and realized that I have done wrong.  I just thank God for giving me the gift wisdom and knowledge. I will pray and ask for God’ guidance.

I tell you, starting today do not be afraid to tell your weaknesses because these will help you to get closer to God and someday will lead you become a successful person. God be praise! “Store up yourself in heaven not in this world because everything that is seen is temporary and those unseen is eternal.”


2 responses to “God Uses My Weaknesses

  1. Chacha

    February 16, 2011 at 2:24 am

    It’s good to admit that weaknesses, after all we’re not perfect and God knows that above all, but he’s mercy and love for us is great, he gives us freedom and it’s up to us how to make use of it. God Bless 🙂

  2. shareyourlovelifestoryatthisblog

    February 23, 2011 at 1:38 am

    I absolutely agree with you Cha. Thanks for the comment. 🙂 I appreciate it.


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