11 Feb

Valentine’s Day is coming. In fact, 3 (three) more days to go and that’s it! It’s Valentine’s Day!!  🙂 Weeewww. I feel so excited for this day because it’s going to be a very special day to every one of us especially to those lovers out there. Right? Hmmm..



Have you ever cross in your mind this question, what is really Valentine’s Day? I guess few people have asked this question. It might be because we Filipinos think that every Valentine’s Day is a day for lovers and maybe, few answers that it is a day for family bonding.

Filipinos in nature, is very loving and family-oriented. Every time there are special days coming, they tend to prepare for something such as gifts or tokens to give to someone special to their life. Like me, I always loved to prepare cards for my family, friends and special someone. It is my nature to give something that they will surely remembered me.



  • First thing that I want to do on Valentine’s Day is to attend the 5PM mass at Nazareno Church. Of course together with my special someone to mentioned (Bryan). Ahem!
  • Next, go to a place where we can celebrate the Valentine’s Day with Bryan. Hmmm, don’t have exact place as of now. I am still on the process of surveying for the best place to go to this coming Valentine’s Day but I am pretty sure that’s it’s going to be cozy and romantic. Hehehe.
  • I want to do for this special day is to have dinner date and eat my favorite foods. Hahaha.. (NOTE: I HAVE TO LIMIT MY EATING HABIT TO AVOID MAKING SIN SPECIFICALLY GLUTTONY SIN).
  • Lastly, to make great and happy memories with my Bryan. Love to experience some adventurous activities which I have never experienced before.




  • Actually, this is a secret. Ssssshhhh!!!  I am thinking for a thing that will make Him happy. I guess I have an idea what will I give to Him.LOL.  I will give Him a PERSONALIZED SCRAP BOOK. Oh! I started it already but it is not yet done. I am positive that it’s going to be the most memorable gifts I have ever given to Him.
  • Of course, I must not forget my parents. They are included in the list. I think I will give those CARDS. I know even a little presence will make them happy as long as it comes from the bottom of my heart.
  • Included in the list is my FRIENDS (of course, malimtan pud ni.. dili jud!). Hmm I got to buy a lot of small STUFFS because I have lots of friends. He10 It’s a God’s given friends actually.
  • As a conclusion, I have to save money and start canvassing for those things which has lesser price. This is to avoid shortage. Nyahahah.. But remember, whatever it is that you are going to give, price and size doesn’t matter. What matters most is that it comes from the bottom of your heart. GIVE UNTIL IT HURTS NO MORE”.

Oh I can’t control my excitement for this day. How about you? Are you excited? You have to be. With or without lover’s or special someone on that day, just keep happy and enjoy your Valentine’s Day for it is a day for all people who exist in this world. The important thing to remember on this Valentine’s Day is to let love prevail. Love composes of care, understanding, trust and patience. Without love our life will be a messed and we will never learned how to love God.  It might be a love for your family, friends, office mates, neighbors and special someone. Most importantly, never forget God on this special day. Have a Happy Valentine’s Day to All! 🙂  😉 @};-


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