23 Sep


Meant for the first time I saw your good-looking posture,

Bringing the little bag with a candles and a bible on it

I started to grin and think

He seems to be a mysterious man

That’s the time I started to like you secretly

I promised to myself not to enter any commitment

Particularly the love commitment relationship

But when I knew you so well

I just can’t help out myself from falling in love with you

Now I know how powerful love be

You just can’t explained the feelings you have

Because that’s the command of love

Love is unexplainable yet so fantastic

Then the enchantment of love started in a text

You texted me first then I reply

Til’ I know that you have this enormous sense of humor

You make me laugh and smile

That’s the time I get more fascinated with you

Not knowing you feel the same way.

Communication starts to grow deeper

As well as the love

You just can’t help the love you feel

And same as I

So you make courting ways

And I appreciate it.

When we are lovers already,

There’s no regret at all

For you give back the love that I give unto you

You filled me with the unfailing love

When I’m sad

You make me laugh

When I cry

You wiped my tears

Everything comes perfect

Yet full of trials but

We both faced it bravely

And strongly

No words can express how much I do love you

Because love is so precious

It makes life complete even though there are plenty of problems

But having you, is so unexplainable

I love you so much

I will forever love you

I will live forever with you

Die with you my NAYRB


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