22 Sep


by: Me

Life is too short that in every day of our lives we need to live in to righteousness and live life to the fullest. We don’t know when will be living in this beautiful world so make good memories every day. We know that in living, there are trials and challenges as part of life, right? Yes, this is the reason why life of a human being became more exciting and challenging.

Last August 30, 2010 @ the midst of the beautiful morning, I started to felt uneasy. I felt I had a fever. But I never mind it because I have so many things to be done. As my daily routine, I woke up, fixed my bedding, eat my bunch and get along with my family. Remembering that I still have an appointment to be done @ 2PM, I went to the comfort room and ready to take a bath. As I sit down and feel the fresh water dropping into the faucet, I can’t barely understand the reaction of my body as the water slowly drop into my body. So I decided not to continue taking a bath, instead, I did a half-bath only. After that, I dressed up and waited for my boyfriend to come over into our house and picked me up so we can go to the area where we are going.

Then we arrived @ the Macahambus Burgos, Sacred Heart Chapel. Some of our SFC families were already there. Then the practiced and meetings started. That very moment, the fever is getting to high that I can’t resist my emotions but to sleep into the available chair. I am convincing and pretending myself that I am okay so I joined their dance practiced. But when I observed some changes with my skin tone, from fair complexion into a violet one, I started to felt nervous. So I asked Bryan (named of my boyfriend) to buy me a medicine. So he bought me one and without hesitation, I took the med tablet.

As we went going back home, my fever was gone. So I thought I’m okay already and ready to take asleep. During 11PM, I started to chills because I had fever again. On the following day, as I woke up, I don’t have fever anymore but I just couldn’t understand because I had body pains. So I decided not to go to work.  On the afternoon exactly 4PM-5PM I started to have fever again and after my temperature was in normal Celsius, I chill again.

Bryan observed it, and he said, “This not normal, I think we need to go to the doctor”. But due to financial reason, I decided not to go to the hospital for I thought that what I am experiencing is a normal fever. But on the third day, the same symptoms I am experiencing the on and off fever. On the fourth day, I was completely recovering thinking because I had no fever at all. But exactly 5PM I started to feel “dizzy” and I had LBM (Lost Bowel Movement). This is the moment wherein I feel so uneasy. What I want is to be check-up by a doctor and be admitted for I have a strong feeling that it is not a normal fever.

Around 6PM, I together with Bryan went to the Sabal Hospital. I decided to have a CBC to check my platelets. After 1 hour, we got the result and went to the referred doctor. But they suggest having a second CBC tomorrow morning at 8AM. We decided to go home and take some rest. I started to take the herbal medicine “tawa-tawa”. I drink lots of fluids because that was the doctor’s advised to us.

On the following day we went back to the said hospital. And as we walk going towards sabal hospital we saw our sister in SFC “shay-shay”, Bryan called her in a very loud voice thinking that maybe she is working at this hospital. Fortunately, Bryan’s suspicion is right. She is working at the said hospital. She entertained us very well. She seemed uneasy as she stared looking my pale-faced. Unfortunately, the doctor is not yet around, so she decided to have me a CBC in their clinic. When we arrived at the clinic she immediately took a drop of my blood into a small glass. We got the result and sad to say my platelets decreased from 158 to 97 as present.

We got the result and have it read to one of the nurse in the emergency room at sabal hospital. After reading it, the doctor and the nurse declared that I am positive of dengue. They advised me to be admitted. Around 9:30AM I was admitted and without hesitation they directly put a host from the dextrose into my wrist. That’s the time the rashes of the dengue symptoms appear.

I just came to realized that God is so good at all times because he makes everything organize. I believe that everything happens for a reason.  In that very moment, I never felt afraid or nervous because I know I have God and everything will be Okay. This is just one of the trials in my life that I need to overcome.

To continue, I was admitted at room 421. It is a semi-private room where there are 4 patients inside that room including me. I just couldn’t take the first injection I had, it was the skin test. It was so painful, but I know God is with me and I was able to take the pain.

Momentarily, my urinal was being check as well as my temperature. Every 6 hours the nurse who is responsible for my CBC test will get inside my room and then start to inject to me the needle of the syringe. I feel so numb with great pain every injections I need to faced. But thank God because I was able to fight and conquer the pains.

On the fourth day Sept. 07, 2010 around 10AM I was discharged. I arrived home having great phobia with mosquitoes. Isolated for how many days and take a rest for my total recovery.

I seemed to realize how many people really do love me. My parents, relatives whom I know, that the moment they heard the news that I was positive I dengue they are in state of shock. I thank also God for even though they are not the one who was with me in time I was admitted, I believe that they also prayed for me.

Every time I saw different people who visited me to give their sympathy on me, I felt so happy because God wants me to know how much they loved me. I know, some of them were not able to visit but I knew and I believed that they prayed for me for my total healing and recovery.

To Shay-shay and Hasel who helped us, thank you so much. To Sis Evev, who stands as my mother on that very moment, words are not enough to thank you but I just want to say thank you and I know God will blessed you bountiful blessings in your life. To Evalyn Fabi my ever dearest best friend, I love you so much dai. You were the one who dressed me up, fixed my hair and give me encouragement to live. My ever simple yet beautiful officemate and sister in Christ, Sheena Señara, thank you so much dai for your financial, emotional support and for your prayers. Thank you so much dai Lailani for the prayers. To Cha.cha, Roxanne and Lj who visited me there. Thank you so much.

All my Singles for Christ Family, I don’t need to mention names because I believe all of you give your time to visit me and of course, prayed for me for my total healing. It helps a lot because it deeper my faith and give me more encouragement to live for I know my biggest and major mission in life is to SERVE AND WORSHIP OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST.

Stickymedia Solutions Inc. Family, thank you so much for your support financially and emotionally.

To my ever dearest loving and patient partner in life Leonard Bryan Villaflores, for all my life I thank God so much for giving you to me. You were the one who’s with me every second, minute, hour and day of my most dangerous stage of my life. You are the witness of my pains, tears coming down from my eyes whenever I feel lonely. You gave me strength, courage, care, patience and most of all the unfailing and unconditional love. How blessed I am to have you! God is so good all the times for how many billions of men existing in this world you are the one that He gave to me. Thank you so much daddy for the patient you showed and felt to me even though how many sleepless nights you’ve experienced. I owe my life to you.. I thank you with all my heart for everything that you have done for me and for my family. I could not ask for more because your love is the greatest gift of all. I love you so much daddy and Thank you so much for everything and for your existence.

Lastly, I thank you so much ALMIGHTY FATHER for He gave your Son Jesus Christ to die for us to be saved from our sins. Thank you for these trials for you made me a strong and an optimistic individual. You showed to me all the self-realization I have reflected. I repented all my sins that I have done. Thank you for the love, care and forgiveness. Father God, I believe that without you I am nothing. Thank you for the second life that you have given to me, for giving me this opportunity to live again and make things put into righteousness. Thank you, for you showed to me the power of your miracle the healing power of the Holy Spirit.

Thank you so much Father, I pray and I asked to lead me not into temptation and live in life obeying your commandments and put all things in life in to right. Father God I offer my life and service to you. I will be living in this world worshipping, serving, loving and believing in you and in your scriptures. This I asked in Jesus Name. Amen!


3 responses to “AT THE MIDST OF DENGUE

  1. Gracely

    November 4, 2010 at 2:42 pm

    I am so sad hearing this happened to you… It is not easy to be one of dengue’s victim. This is consider to be one of the traitor illnesses. Let us be careful and let us start cleaning areas were mosquitoes can lived. This is to prevent lessen the rampant cases of dengue in our country today.

  2. Evalyn Fabi

    May 3, 2011 at 3:09 pm

    Hi dai, you are always welcome. you don’t have mention it cause default na nga I will always be here for you no matter what. I can’t afford to lose you dai cause you are a treasure in my life. There are times na I’m just waiting for you to call my name.I will be your best friend forever and ever walang labis walang kulang (difference lang nato kay work shift and we both have love life na char pero okay rana I know we both understand each other naman). Nothing will ever change japun hehehe..I am so happy that you were able to face that trial in your life with so much strength and faith in your heart. Now you are perfectly healthy and spiritually abundant Praise the Lord. Keep it dai.mwah.I love you!

    • shareyourlovelifestoryatthisblog

      May 10, 2011 at 1:22 am

      Hello dai, thanks for taking sometime to read and add some comments coming from you. It’s always great to see and read comments coming from the people whom I love the most. Yes dai, I thank you for all the understanding and acceptance you have felt and showed to me. I cannot find somebody to replace you nor I don’t have any plans to find someone to replace you as my BFF. Remember that, okay? I definitely agree that God will really give someone in your life whom you can trust for a lifetime as long as you are willing to embrace that person and be part of your treasurable person in your life. Thanks again for always being there and you are one of the people whom I will cherish and treasure forever! I love you too dai.. 🙂


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