27 Aug


by: Ivy P. Dumalogdog

She could barely contain the tear brimming her eyes, so Jane pushed through the theaters double doors. Thankfully, the movie had started already so the lights were turned off. This way no one would notice her tears and the dumpy blue uniform she was wearing.

Jane chose a seat among the middle rows, because complex usually sat at or near the corners. Right now, Jane didn’t want to ace loving, cuddling couples. Because she knew it was all a lie. In fact the thought of those women being duped by some smooth-talking, lecherous bastard, made her want to scream out a boobs and JLo-like-ass that catches their eyes and dump you like you were yesterday’s leftovers!

After fishing for a hanky in her purse, Jane pressed the cloth hard to her mouth to stop the whimpers welling up. Ok God! Why did it have to happen to me? I didn’t do anything wrong. I tried to be the perfect girl. I wanted to make him happy!

Laughter burst around her. Jane looked up, startled at the sound. Great! Now people are laughing at me, Jane thought irrationally. The sound of amusement suddenly sounded like romantic comedy playing, no less! – crying your eyes out, and feeling sorry for yourself because an egomaniac decided to trade you for a girl who had bigger hair mass than brain ma’am! Tears promptly flowed anew. But I loved that egomaniac! Jane slumped lower on her seat as another round of laughter immediately followed her thought and the tears just kept coming…

Glen was chuckling with the crowd when he heard a low whimper come from the lone figure sitting two chairs away from him. She was hunched over her seat with hands cupped over her face, shoulders heaving. He could tell it was a she, because of the voluminous shadow her skirt made Glen immediately felt sorry for her. What kind of man would leave his girl crying in the middle of a movie? But he didn’t want to get involved, thinking that whoever came with the girl would come back and smooth things over. It’s probably just a lovers’ spat.

Ten minutes had past and it was becoming very obvious that the absence beau was not returning. Glen finally gave in to the male’s primitive instinct of protecting a distressed female.

Jane tried to stop crying but whenever she thought that she had herself under control, one of Ty’s very sweet gestures would pop into her mind and the tears would start flowing again. After a while of these propping memories, the tears of depression morphed into tears of angry tears.

That vile, conniving, leech! He didn’t deserve to have that beautiful wedding without her! In fact he doesn’t deserve anything  beautiful at all, period!

“Miss, are you okay?” a voice asked somewhere above her. Jane looked up to find a male from slightly hovering above her. His stance was that of a man who was uncertain of whether to sit or stand so was stuck in that bent-forward-at-the-hins-kness-bent position.

“Yes I am. I;m having such a blast I can’t stop crying!” she replied sarcastically then promptly burst into more tears, this time the whale was definitely not suppressed.

Despite the unfriendly answer and concerned heads turning their way, Glenn smiled as he watched the girl burrow back into her handkerchief. “Do you mind if I sit with you?”

“Go away!” was the snarled answer. Ignoring her. Glenn sat down beside her.

“You know, whatever it is your crying over I’m sure it isn’t worth it.”

“What do you know? Stop trying to console me it isn’t working. I’m not feeling sorry for myself yet, so don’t talk to me!”

Glenn was beginning to like the girl with each word that came out of her mouth. “Okay, just tell me when your ready to be consoled then I’ll take you out to eat.” Glenn almost laughed at the unlady like snort that came from the hanky.

After a few minute Jane began to feel silly crying beside a guy she didn’t know. So she stopped crying and blew her nose for the last time and leaned back against her chair to look at the man squarely in the face. “You know, if anybody else heard me crying, they would assume you were the culprit since you’re a guy and  you’re sitting right next t me,” said Jane.

“I know, But I had rather wanted the people to think I caused your distress. They would have thought you were crazy if I hadn’t outraged sound she made.

Jane couldn’t really see the guy’s face, just the faint outline of his nose, eyebrows, cheeks and jaw. Ordinarily she would never sit this close with a stranger in a theater unless she was with someone else, but this man just didn’t ring any warning bell in her internal ” security system”.

“Are you ready to be consoled now?” he asked

“Yes, you’re buying right?”

“Yes, the outline of his lips curved in a smile.

“And I get to choose where we eat right?”

“Yeah,” teeth were bared in a grin.

“What are we waiting for? Let’s get out of here” this time Glenn laughed out loud. This girl was irrepressible and he liked the way she handled er problem. Cry your heart out then get over it! Just like the doctors said.

“Do you think you can give me your name?” asked Glenn.

“Oh I;m Jane and you are?”

“Glenn.” The four o’clock afternoon sunshine was shining directly on the double binding lane and Glenn momentarily. After adjusting the brightness Glenn turned towards Jane and froze.

With her red swollen eyes and formless, dumpy blue uniform. Jane the Silent Crier was a stunning woman. She had caramel toned skin and beautiful almond eyes. No amount of crying could ever detract from the beauty of those almost hazel eyes.

“Wow! You look nice,” as soon as the words left her mouth Jane blushed furiously. Way to go, Jane! Just when you meet a real decent, real good-looking guy, you put your feet right into your mouth. Glenn was startled out of his mesmerized stance with her words and started laughing.

In less than twenty minutes this girl has made him laughed more than Gina had, Glenn thought. To dispel Jane’s embarrassment, he cupped her elbow in a gentlemanly fashion and guided her down the stairs.

“Thank you for this. You really didn’t have to.” Jane finally said after making considerate inroads with her Caesars salad and Glenn has eaten half of his Zinger.

“You’re welcome,” Glenn entitled before taking another bite of the spicy chicken burger. “What did you mean by the remark you said about people automatically assuming I made you cry because I’m guy?”

“Come on, a girl does not cry like that over nothing. I’m guessing you were crying over a guy.” Glenn put down the almost finished burger.

“Since you’re so smart you tell me the rest of my story,” Jane said sweet acid in her voice.

“Whoa tiger! I’m on your side here. In fact I was going to ask fr his name so I can call up my buddies and we can trash him somewhere.” Glenn’s grin gave out his bluff.

“Men,” Jane said rolling eyes. “Whatever, beginning this very second, the reason for my distress will be forgotten and never to be spoken about,”  Jane declared vehemently.

“Uh-huh,” said Glenn skeptically but let the subject drop. She was understandably still upset over the guy. “If your done eating, you can come with me to the computer shop and help me pick something up.”

“Since when did I become your personal assistant?” asked Jane just to be contrary.

“Since you almost banking’s me with the amount of  food you ate. Man, you  eat like three grown man put together!” Glenn evaded the handbag that came swiping his way  with a laugh.

They spent the rest of the afternoon together going around Ketkai aimlessly. They went inside boutiques and tried on the silliest outfit. Jane oohed and ashed over the cute pets at the pet shop. Glenn raved over the latest electronic gadget in the computer shop. The afternoon was spent bickering and arguing with each other. No matter how conflicting their ideas were they managed to enjoy each other with their smart-ass comebacks and silly expressions.

“Well, I had a nice time today. You do a wonderful job of consoling a distress female. “In fact, I think you had a lot of practice with distress females. You probably caused most of them!” Jane said teasingly.

“What can I say the girls dig me,” Glenn tilted his head cockily, flashing her a “pacute: look. “And, it’s not only female hearts even the men turn gay at the sight of me.”

Jane punched him in the arm, but the hit lacked power as she was already laughing at the outrageous remark. “I’m going home. Spending another minute with is detrimental to my mental health”.

“want to cry in Cinema 2 tomorrow? I hear crying there feels differently,” said Glenn. Jane smiled at the roundabout way of asking her out. “Okay.”

A month of Glenn’s “want to try crying at cinema…” Jane realized that her heartbreak of Ty was all but forgotten. They were having so much fun being together they practically couldn’t wait for the next date. Being together was like spending time with your crush. Jane liked him, but assumed that Glenn didn’t know about the attraction. Jane liked their situation; she was not under ant stress of presenting the best of herself to impress him it was the opposite in fact.

Contrary to Jane belief, Glenn was aware of the growing attraction between them. He was loath to act on it though because relationship with a girl who was most probably on the rebound. Plus there was Gina. When Jane was ready he would tell her about Gina, and as Jane couldn’t — wouldn’t— talk about the “guy”, he wasn’t sure she could accept his relationship with Gina.

Every week Glenn would ask Jane about Ty, and every week the topic would be diverted into another round of argument. After the fifth week Jane finally answered his questions.

“He’s name is Ty Harano,. We’ve been going out for almost three years. Two months ago, his best friend, Denise, came to our school looking for him. I never did like her because she was Ty’s ex and still tend to act like she was still Ty’s girl and still saw each other regularly as friends. Or so I thought so.”

Glenn had a funny feeling of when this was going to end. He wanted to tell Jane she didn’t have to finish the story, but he sensed she was now ready to share her burden with someone else. “She asked me if I knew where Ty was. I was a little irritated with the arrogant look she was giving me, so I asked her why did she want to know. She gave this little malicious laugh and told me “Oh, I just wanted to let him know he’s going to be a proud papa.” She walked away after dropping that bomb on me.” Jane took a deep breath to brace herself against the expected onslaught of pain to wash over her. Funny, but she only felt a twinge of pain at the recounting.

“What did your boyfriend say?”

“Nothing. He couldn’t deny what was blatantly going on behind me. What hurt the most was everyone knew except me. My friends would see them in malls acting like couples but no one told me because they felt sorry for me or that they thought I knew and also because they knew about Ty and Denise’s friendship.” Said Jane staring off into the distance. “He said we just grew apart and having Denise gave him the excitement our relationship lacked and that he never really got over her.” Glenn snorted at the lame reason.

“But you know what? I realize he was right. We were acting like friends long before the whole Denise episode happened. And being over him in a month sorts of prove that point.”

“So you are over him?” Glenn asked holding his breathe in anticipation.

“Yes, definitely. Thank to you,” said Jane smiling deeply into his eye.

“Well thank God for that!” Glenn exhaled in a whoosh. “I was beginning to think my subtle courting was never going to work,” Glenn grinned at her. All the joy shining through his beautiful eyes took Jane’s breath away. Then his words sank in.

“What do you mean by ‘subtle courting’?” Jane asked hands-on-hips, but her smile gave away how pleased she was at the thought.

“Yeah, I was courting you silently. I didn’t want you to be my girlfriend just so you could prove to yourself and to your ex how over you are over him, but we both know you’d be lying. God knows, you’re mule headed enough to do that!” Glenn’s smile dimmed slightly as he gently cupped her jaw with both hands. “And I wasn’t sure you’d be ready to hear about Gina. Specially now, after hearing what really happened.”

“Gina?” Jane suddenly went cold all over, dreading what was about to be said.

“Gina was my ex. Like your previous relationship, we grew apart except that we both knew where it was headed and decided to call it quits before we wasted our good memories. So now we’re just good friends, best friends, actually. Most of he girls I meet get jealous or insecure because she’s gorgeous and simply because we have a history together.” Glen explained all the while looking her straight in the eyes, pleading silently that she not be one of those girls.

Jane smiled , appreciative that Glenn respected her enough to explain about Gina. A warm feeling settled over her. Glenn trying to make her understand about Gina meant he cared about her!” Why would you think I wouldn’t understand about Gina?”

“I didn’t want to risk frightening you away. Most women are bothered by the fact that we were best friends and she’s my ex. It wouldn’t be hard for you to expect the worst considering what happened between you and Ty.”

Jane smiled brightened another watt. “When you were “subtly” welling up inside him.

“Right,” Glenn said feeling his throat close over the emotions welling up inside him.

“And “more than friends” meant to be your girlfriend, right?”


“So what are you waiting for? Ask me already!” Jane grinned at Glenn’s elated laughter.

Glenn caressed her face with adoring eyes, committing to memory the smooth curve of her jaw; the bold slash of her eyebrows, the delicate bud of her lips, and that dazzling smile. With the right word this girl can make his world complete. But if in any case that she say the wrong one, he was up to challenge of changing her mind. With this resolve in mind Glenn took the plunge. “Will you be my girlfriend, Jane?”

“Yes!” Their laughter was the sound of pure joy. The people in the restaurant smiled at the very happy, lovely couple. Never knowing that their romance started with a girl bawling her heart out in the middle of a romantic-comedy movie in Ketkai’s cinema one…


One response to “CINEMA 1

  1. Gracely

    November 4, 2010 at 2:46 pm

    I liked the story it blows me with the wind. I was touched and I can’t helped my teary-eyes while reading this beautiful love story.


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