My unforgettable trip in different countries! (-_;)

25 Aug

When I was in my childhood years I always dreamed to travel all around the world. Because I wanted to see the beautiful creations of our ALMIGHTY GOD. But due to financial crisis I knew, that it is too impossible to happen. Until one day, I never ever thought and expected that this dreams will be come true.

As I woke up one day I am already in….?

PARIS specifically in the Eiffel Tower of Paris. Wow! I can’t imagine myself joining the special event on that day. There are lots of people I saw and they are so beautiful and handsome. How amazing the Eiffel tower in Paris. My day ended so well.

On the next trip… Guess where am I?

Oh! I’m in the GREAT WALL OF CHINA.. I am so tired on that day. I can’t imagine myself walking on that very long bridge. But no regrets at all because I really had a great time together with the chinese people. GUess how many liters of water I drunk that day? It’s 8 liters.. Hahaha My stomach are so full that time. Full of water. Nyhaha.. Nice and memorable experienced in the great wall of china. Next time around pipz.. I still have to go into my next trip.

Welcome to…. Tang tarang tarang….

Do you know this place?

This is the ANCIENT PYRAMID IN EGYPT.. How amazing the creation of our ALMIGHTY GOD. I was so speechless that time. I never thought I could be there in my entire life. I really had a great and enjoyable day together with this different pipz.

Hmm, I’m so sweat and tired. Thirsty for a very long walked. I wanted to give myself a rest by means of swimming. So I decided to go to…

DEAD SEA.. Right am the one who took picture with this two young men. They really enjoyed swimming I mean floating in that sea.. Hahaha what a very nice experience?! Wooohhhh! I really can’t stop myself laughing, jumping, and of course, floating as what the two young men are doing.. This is once in a lifetime experience. Guyz, I might tell you to try it! Your gonna love it! Swear!

It’s time for me to bid goodbye. And I’m flying back into my country

PHILIPPINES … Enjoyable white water rafting experience. What a very nice river I could ever imagine. I invited you all people around the world to come in Cagayan de Oro and experience the beauty of white water rafting river.Shouting with great fear, laughing at the same time and sadness.. Huhuhu

Why sadness?

Look down..

Because I find out that It was just an UNFORGETTABLE DREAM of mine.

It maybe just a dream but I am so happy that even in my dreams I was able to travel in different countries..



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