25 Aug


Everybody yearns for a miracle, but not everybody believes it could still happen in this day and age. Thank God I have witnessed many in my lifetime.

In November 2003, I was about to give a presentation in my MBA class for our finals when I received a text from my sister. She said mom was rushed to the hospital because she was vomiting blood. I then excused myself from the professor and rushed to see mom.

In the emergency room while mom was placed under a respirator, I prayed the rosary out loud. While the doctors searched for mom’s real illness, I sang praise songs and read from “In His Steps” to mom. To prepare mom for whatever God has planned, she received anointing from the hospital chaplain and also received Holy Communion. She also allowed me to go to my prescheduled talk on “Prayers and Scriptures”  at our chapter’s “Covenant Orientation”. Upon my return from the talk, mom’s diagnosis was clear that it was atypical pneumonia. She was treated accordingly and she survived the battle.

He said this to test him, because he himself knew what he was going to do.” John 6:6


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