25 Aug


Man by nature is fearful, emotional and full of uncertainties. We tend to find security by clinging to a life raft that could sink and become useless. This happened to me when I decided to retire from my job in order to transfer to another company but eventually went down due to economic drought. I have been able to continue to survive, life goes on. God is teaching me to trust in Him.

Another fear was when I was given a special assignment in our Christian community. I was afraid that I lacked the expertise for the task.

In all these times I cling to the Lord, knowing that in the midst of the storm and trials of life, the God of my life is there saying “Fear not, it is I”. Jesus is using my brothers and sisters in the community to help me serve Him best. I have learned, in a deeper sense to love, care and serve others specially the poor.

It is I; do not be afraid.” John 6:20


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