The Battle

23 Aug

The Battle

I once set alone in the middle of the night carrying a heavy burden

Then I suddenly heard voices inside saying:

“Am  your heart, located at the center of your chest,

You should then follow me”

“I’m your brain, located on your head, higher than your heart,

It’s I you should follow then.”

“I have love, I have happiness,

You shouldn’t want anything before me,: replied the heart.

“I have wisdom, I have knowledge!

By me you’ll never go astray said the brain.

“I am undeniable, indefinable

Even the hardest mortals captured by me. ” Objected the heart.

“I have the mind,” objected the brain

“I can reach the stars, I can soar the sky.”

“I have an eye that only me can see,” concluded the heart

“I can give salvation, I can give light.”

The two keep on fighting, until they all got tired but not yet convinced.

“When shall I follow between then anyway!”

I asked myself with tears started to fall, like a rain in a starry night and blue moon.

They looked at each other very keenly worrying about the rain, they peacefully said:

“We are part of one body, we make humans unique.

We are created to be one forever… then,


By: Cheryl Magadan

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Posted by on August 23, 2010 in Poems


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