Angel Go

23 Aug

Angel Go

Angel dear with a friendly smile

You’re always there to rule and guide

How I wish you’d take me there

Where angels meet and make a prayer

All of a sudden, something glowed so bright

The blaze extended and became a pillar of light

It’s something visionary and something whimsical

For a moment the cosmos heard something musical

While waiting for the morning dew

My heart whispered, I love you

Stunned with that feeling that flies like a dove

That’s when I started to think I’m in love

Can this be love you’ve caused inside me?

Could it be possible to a teenager like me?

Can my solemn prayers convince me?

Could it be so real to fool me?

I have faced the greatest trials

Have been wounded by the denials

But I passed all of these tests

And my love for you reached the deepest

Tears comes when I am missing you

Especially in the lone cold night of agony

Why I shed and felt imprisoned

Crying heart in such misery

Feeds only with sweet memories

When you’re still here with me

When my heart didn’t have eyes to see

Burden so heavy to carry

Death I’ll willingly marry

St. Peter is by the gate, on a chair

Waiting for me to climb the stairs

I don’t want to hear no more

So please go out of my door

I love you so much but you have to gp

You don’t belong to me.

so my angel now please go….

By: Lady Olive Saborrido

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Posted by on August 23, 2010 in Poems


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