Supreme Love

20 Aug


As I quest through life’s ventures

Constant misery I have felt.

My desire for a better living,

In my mind hath a reverie.

I toiled to thee; dear fortune be perceived.

With hands that doeth, heart that prays

And God above, who listens,

My sucess became real

But my life became sinful.

The triumph ascended into vices,

My greed abused thy blessings.

I had glorified not his name but thy pleasure

And so God’s malevolence He razed upon thee.

The reparation that I suffered

Was to be exiled from the Blessed Fold.

In the lust of prosperity, wealth smothered my faith.

In the light of God’s word, His love caressed thee.

So to his will I abides, His words had been my torch.

The salvation I awaited forth;

The wisdom I now endowed

That in our hearts must lay no greater love

Than the love of God above all.

Above this world which is evanescent,

Above the parental love which can be mortal,

Above thy life itself which He owns.

By: Raffy Montehermoso


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