Hard To Let You Go

20 Aug


I always think the way it was before

I always looked back to the memories

I left behind

How I wish you didn’t come

It was so difficult for me to give you up

I’ve tried a lot of things just to win you back

But it seems that it’s worthless to fight back

For my defense is not enough

It’s hard for me to let you go

It’s because I don’t want to

I may suffer the pain at first

But what’s the consequence I just know

I live my thoughts to you

But you wouldn’t dare to keep it through

You move on, on your own way

But just left me all alone

I started to ask why,

Your silence is what I’ve got

It’s useless in my part

That’s not the answer I want

There’s nor reason for me to feel this way

But I think there’s a lot of reason to be

Each one speaks my heart

That tells me deeply you’re in to me

I’ve never been into this before

In a way I can never forget

How you say those words to me

That touches my life so evidently

I know that I’m not that perfect nor to

Good for you

But the only thing I’m  asking is the same you

The words that you’ve given to me

In a sudden, is vanished instantly

Now I’m trying to bring it back

Those sweet talks we’ve shared

The laughter, I’ve never forget

The feelings, ill  never regret

Time will tell if we could be together

But as I move on, you’re always being with me

No matter what it takes

You’re always being a part of me and truly

In my heart!

By: Ryan Paul Balmora


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